Inspire your audience to laugh and learn!

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The Rachel Brewster Experience

An average speaker delivers an average speech…Rachel Brewster deliversĀ an unforgettable experience!

Rachel inspires audiences to learn through fun, engaging, fast-paced keynote speeches.

She captivates audiences by weaving together storytelling, strategy and humor. Her fresh voice and dynamic sense of humor inspires audiences to trade old behaviors for bold behaviors.

Sparks fly as the audience comes alive with light, joy and laughter. Rachel is a native English speaker and a fluent Spanish speaker…but comedy is her language of choice.

“Rachel is humor in heels!”

-Kelli Schutrop, audience member

Most-Requested Keynotes

The ROI of LOL

Why Laughter is Good for the Bottom Line

In this highly-interactive keynote, Rachel reveals how (and why!) we do business with people we know, like and trust. Discover how you can create an authentic connection between your company and your clients.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Leverage laughter to forge a bond with prospective clients
  • Listen to understand – not just to respond – so you can help your clients feel valuable
  • Utilize a positive attitude and gratitude mindset to skyrocket sales

Gift of Failure

How to Laugh at Your Mistakes

In this high-energy keynote, Rachel coaches participants in the art of learning from your mistakes. The audience engages in improv games to learn how to make bold choices, take risks and stay in the present moment.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Ask yourself, “Is it a train wreck or burnt toast?”
  • Celebrate yourself for taking a risk and going after what you want
  • Laugh at yourself to appreciate the lesson learned, increase your resilience and move forward


Learning to Think on Your Feet in the C-Suite

In this exhilarating keynote, Rachel empowers participants to discover how they can speak their mind, even under pressure. Sparks fly as the audience uncovers how they can think on their feet in the C-Suite.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Stay cool under pressure so you can speak your mind with confidence, clarity and charisma
  • Build on the ideas of others by facilitate solution-focused discussions
  • Handle tough questions and situations by enhancing your executive presence

Audience Reviews

Kelli Schutrop
Kelli SchutropParqa Digital Marketing Agency
“I was super impressed with Rachel Brewster. She’s humor in heels! I have never been so captivated.”
Kate Wardin
Kate WardinTarget Corporation
“I felt like everything she said was so relatable. And it was so funny! I really enjoyed her talk and can’t wait to see the next one.”
Kirie Marshall
Kirie MarshallFerguson Enterprises
“There is not a second that goes by in the presentation when you’re bored. She’s got great emotion and she really engages her audience.
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An average speaker delivers a speech…
Rachel Brewster delivers an unforgettable experience!

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to Laugh and Learn

A boring speaker is a black mark against your conference, leaving your audience snoozing in their seats. Or worse, scanning their smartphones.

But an engaging keynote speaker makes sparks fly, leaving the audience breathless as sit on the edge of their seats.

Rachel Brewster captivates audiences through fun, engaging and fast-paced keynotes that make participants laugh and learn.

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