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Success Stories

Laura King
Director of Recruitment, Marketing

“Working with Rachel helped me become crystal clear on my message. I felt deeply seen, heard and supported because Rachel helped me craft a powerful speaking strategy that aligned with my unique message. She was there with me every step of the way.

Its evident that Rachel has a true gift here. She listens so intently and knows how to ask the questions to get the best from others. She is one to have in your corner – her enthusiasm is contagious and she knows how to push just hard enough to get me outside of my comfort zone.”

Amanda Brinkman
Co-Host with “Shark Tank” Star Robert Herjavec on Hulu show, “Small Business Revolution”

“Rachel’s insights were invaluable and it’s an honor to know such a fun, energetic and passionate coach.

She is great at inspiring speakers to elevate their visibility to the next level by engaging with their audience in authentic and entertaining ways. She provides a step-by-step structure for adding value for your audience and I’m grateful that our paths crossed.”

Katy Burke
Executive Director

“Working with Rachel has completely transformed the way I think of myself as a speaker. I went from feeling like a “deer in headlights,” to actually feeling comfortable and at home on stage! She totally understood my style and could relate to me.

If you need to have a co-pilot on your runway to public speaking, I highly recommend Rachel Brewster!”

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