Give your team the tools to communicate with confidence.

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Humble Brag

Network, promote and talk about yourself…without bragging!

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Does networking make you feel like you’re selling yourself to strangers? Yuck!

In this entertaining workshop, Rachel Brewster shows you how to nurture relationships for a long-term career.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Clarify who and what you’re looking for to get the best out of your networking experiences
  • Apply strategic storytelling techniques to position yourself as a heart-centered leader in your field
  • Promote yourself and your skills…without feeling like you’re bragging
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Fearless Feedback

How to cultivate the courage to have tough conversations

Voted “Most Valuable” by Team Leaders

Does the idea of giving critical or constructive feedback tie your stomach in knots?

In this highly-engaging workshop, Rachel Brewster offers concrete strategies for managing yourself and your message.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Leverage the Flower Power feedback method to articulate your goals for the conversation
  • Manage your stress by speaking to your unique perspective in a calm, confident manner
  • Establish positive intent by adopting a growth mindset for yourself and the other individual
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Project Management Badass!

How to find, recruit and retain a PM that your clients love

Voted “Most Valuable” by Recruiters

Are your recruiters losing reqs?

In this interactive workshop, Rachel Brewster helps talent acquisition specialists recruit Project Managers, Program Managers and Product Managers that your corporate clients will rave about for years to come.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Get exclusivity on job reqs by understanding your client’s strategic direction and what they’re really looking for in a PM
  • Give your candidate a leg-up on the competition by prepping them for a corporate project management interview
  • Clarify the differences in roles and responsibilities between Project Managers, Program Managers and Product Managers
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Tag, You’re It!

Team building in a post-pandemic world

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Is your team struggling to feel connected after the pandemic?

Rachel Brewster leverages engaging, team-building exercises to improve trust, cross-functional communication and interpersonal relationships.

Laugh and Learn:

  • Enhance your team’s active listening skills by discovering individual communication styles and strengths
  • Build trust by working together to overcome physical and mental challenges
  • Level-up to become a high-performing team by acknowledging mistakes and celebrating successes
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Give your team the tools to communicate with confidence.

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