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Scavenger Hunt

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Feeling disconnected from your relationships at work?

Our new, virtual environment has eliminated in-person interactions and organic conversations. “Work friends” have transformed into “just co-workers.” Bleh.

Bring back the feeling of “together-ness” with a virtual scavenger hunt!

In a virtual scavenger hunt, players work together, running around their house to complete missions. It’s fun, fast-paced and hyper-interactive!

Be the hero of your office. Help your team have fun and feel connected with a virtual scavenger hunt!

Recharge your team…
and your funny bone!

Virtual Trivia

Tired of having the same boring conversations, over and over again, during your company’s Zoom happy hour?

Spice things up with virtual trivia!

In virtual trivia, your team engages in friendly competition to showcase their trivia skillz.

You don’t have to be a trivia buff to enjoy this game! Questions range from beginner to expert.¬† Plus, you’ll be amazed what random tidbits your teammates know!

And the best part? Your winning team gets life-long bragging rights!

Find out if any of your coworkers are Sheldon Coopers in disguise. Help your team have fun by signing up for virtual trivia today!

Build teamwork
through the power of play!

Holiday Party

Worried that your holiday party will be a little less jolly this year?

With everyone working from home, it’s easy to feel like a Grinch and throw in the towel.

Save your holiday party and spark joy on your team!

Customize a virtual game to add a twinkle to your holiday season.

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, your team will be laughing…their belly’s shaking like a bowl full of jelly!

Ready to help your team have fun and feel connected?